Sometimes you need more than still images to get your message across. Arthur Graphics can handle every aspect of custom video production, from scripting and shooting to voice-over and editing to uploading and implementation. When it’s time for ACTION!, give us a call.


Digital Video

Hey, it’s the 21st century. Internet video doesn’t have to be tiny and jerky. We shoot high-definition (HD) video on professional equipment to ensure that our raw footage has the highest resolution and the sharpest image possible. Trust us to produce and deliver your video content to a worldwide audience.

Digital Editing

We edit what we shoot, and we do it with Apple® Final Cut Pro software—one of the most powerful digital editing tools available. With an extensive array of motion effects and transitions, audio and text capabilities, and broad format support at our disposal, we can enhance the quality of any video we edit for you.

Voice Over

Nothing says it better than having a professional narrator say it better. If you’ve ever sat through a video produced in house with Marty from Accounting doing the voice-over, you know what we mean. That’s why we work with the best talent in the industry during post production. Many believe voice is the most powerful communication medium. Using professional voice-over narration ensures a polished product and can greatly enhance your message.

Play by Play

Your child just made the best play of the season, but you were so busy watching you forgot to videotape it. If only you had called Arthur Graphics Play-by-Play Video, you’d have that action—and much more—on your child’s own personal sports highlight collection. We use state-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel who understand how to focus on your child’s action so that special moments never get overlooked. Great for college coaches, relatives that can't make the games, or as a gift for your child to remember their glory days!!


Our package starts at $299 and includes:

• professionally edited 5 minute highlight reel covering 3 games (filmed by our staff)

• captions including child's name, number and stats (if available)

• highlight reel divided into applicable segments (i.e. offense, defense)

• 3 DVDs

*Additional games $75 each, additional DVDs $7 each

*Travel charge may apply


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