New Media

New media means many things to many people. Arthur Graphics can help you utilize any of a number of formats to suit your needs, including:

New Media

Web Interactions

We can design games, animations, activities or quizzes to meet every training and distance learning requirement.

Video to Web

Internet video that works. We can help you deliver your video content to a worldwide audience.

Flash / Shockwave

We can use Adobe Flash to add animation and interactivity to your website, and we can use Adobe Shockwave Player to enable your clients to view interactive content and online learning applications.

Streaming Audio & Video

We use the latest technology to enable you to stream audio and video across the web, and we can use closed captioning text to enhance your presentation.

Event Media

We can enable you to use streaming media in employee training, distance learning, and stockholder meetings.


We make it simple for you to broadcast your live audio or video over the Internet to a worldwide audience. It's as easy as adding a link to your website, and we take care of the rest.


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