There’s a reason why “graphics” is part of our name. From simple logo design to elaborate 3D graphics and animations, Arthur Graphics can create original custom work or modify your existing graphics and deliver them in any program format you need. Here are a few of our specialties.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is, in many ways, about problem solving. You’ve got a message to deliver to your audience, but what’s the best way to accomplish that task visually? We’ve got years of experience doing graphic design work for the web, CD-ROM, video and print. Just tell us what you need and we’ll create a visual solution.


Maybe you’ve been in this situation before. You need a picture of a medulla oblongata, but you can’t find a volunteer who’s willing to expose his brainstem for a photograph. Precisely why there’s a need for illustrations.

We’ve worked with doctors and professionals to create original graphics for some of our medical clients to illustrate the human body and numerous medical procedures. We’ve also created hundreds of technical illustrations used in industrial training applications, presentations, and websites. We can do graphic “builds” to illustrate the major sections of an object and better show how the object functions, and we can add callouts to identify and describe key elements.

3D Graphics & Animation

You’re probably thinking… animated movies. We’ve seen them all and, yes, they are incredible and entertaining. But 3D graphics and animation are also incredible when you need to teach about how an object or a system functions. With 3D graphics, we can create a single model and then manipulate that model to provide numerous views. This saves time and money while providing engaging visual elements for your product. And animation heightens the visual quality even more.

Print Media

In the age of electronic everything, it’s sometimes hard to imagine a need for print media. But despite the ubiquitous electronic gadgetry, there are still valid uses for things like brochures, flyers, magazine rip cards—not to mention your company’s business cards and letterhead. Whatever the need, we can help you make sure that the corporate identity you put forth is the right face for your business.

Church Directory Services

Creating church directories can be a time consuming endeavor. We can provide everything needed to produce professional quality directories so that your staff can focus on other church business. We’ll handle all the data collection, set up the studio photo shoot, design the directory, and take care of the layout and print production. Just give us a call.

Logo Design

If you need to be reminded about the power of a company logo, just look at this symbol.

It’s so familiar that words aren’t even needed. Whether you want to establish a corporate identity or create a whimsical treatment, Arthur Graphics can bring your idea to life. We can start from scratch or update an existing logo that might have looked great in 1994 but needs some touching up for today’s market. We have a vast selection of fonts to compliment your logo, and we can provide detailed usage guidelines for your corporate identity.

Packaging Design

Maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can often tell a lot about a product by the way it’s packaged. Arthur Graphics applies solid graphic design principles to create packaging for any type of product. Our experience in product packaging design ranges from CD-ROMs and hard drives to bath and skincare items.


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